About Us

Philosophy and Mission
Mind’s Eye Sports Performance was created to give serious athletes the same opportunity to develop their mental skills as they have to work on their physical skills. We believe Complete Athletes – athletes that have developed their physical skills, their technical skills and their mental skills- get more enjoyment out of the sport they play and enjoy the most success.



Our mission statement for the athletes we work with is simple,

To enhance the athletes performance and enjoyment of playing sports by teaching them mental skills that will aid them on and off the field, and well beyond their playing days.

Dr. Pete Temple


Dr. Pete has worked with adolescents for over two decades. He has been actively involved in sports his entire life as a player at the high school and collegiate level, as a coach, and as an avid supporter of local teams. In 2008 he was inducted into the Geneva High School Athletic Hall of Fame. In his sports practice, Dr. Pete has worked with athletes throughout the Chicagoland area, and from across the country. He works with high school, collegiate, and serious adult amateur athletes. Dr. Pete graduated from DePauw University and earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is a member of the Association of Applied Sports Psychology.

As an athlete, I understand firsthand the rewards and pressures that competitive athletics bring. As a mental coach and psychologist, I know how to help athletes maximize the former while handling, if not mastering, the latter. Building an athlete’s confidence and seeing them succeed is my most important objective, my strongest motivation, and my greatest reward. ~ Dr. Pete Temple

After your talk we went out and beat two teams that had previously beaten us and finished 2nd in the Wheaton North Shootout. I tried to stress your confidence talk and the boys played great. Thanks for giving us another motivational tool! -Read more-

Rich G., Geneva Feeder Basketball
The things that you’ve been giving our son to do in your meetings with him have really been working. He’s seeing quite a bit of success right now in his soccer playing. Also, this has helped him in the classroom with some test anxiety as well because halfway through high school he’s pulling down a 3.9/4.0 GPA. Thank you! -Read more-

Jim L
As the parent of Mind’s Eye athlete, I am proud of the progress my son has made in developing his “inner game” of basketball. Since starting the Mind’s Eye program Jack has exhibited a higher level of confidence and drive... -Read more-

Jay Bronec, Parent of Jack Bronec (2015) STC East Basketball
I came to Mind’s Eye when I was struggling with the recovery process of two torn ACL’s. Dr. Pete gave me tools and techniques to help me battle my anxiety and fear that further progressed my physical therapy. Mind’s Eye helped me get running again without fear, helped me regain my confidence, and restructure a more positive state of mind. Mind’s Eye helped to motivate and build me into a better athlete, which further enhanced my recovery process. -Read more-

Ashley Santos Marquette University Basketball

The world of junior and amateur golf is one filled with great talent. However, few young golfers have the mental strength that is necessary to succeed to the next level. I had the skill, but didn't know how to build the strong mental game that is needed to excel. Thanks to Dr. Temple, I was able to become mentally strong and use that as an asset to propel me to into collegiate golf. The things he has taught me are invaluable and I am very grateful to work with Dr. Pete. -Read more-

Matt Fazio University of Dayton Golf