Mental Mechanics

Would Mental Coaching Help Your Athlete?

iStock_000013354704SmallWhat are Mental Mechanics?

All athletes relate to the idea of “mechanics” and understand the important role solid mechanics play in consistently playing well. They spend hours working to perfect the mechanics of their sport. Mental Mechanics are insights, strategies and techniques that form the mental foundation for athletic success. These mental tools and abilities are as important to an athlete’s success as a proper stance, the correct grip, a fluid swing, or a sound throwing motion.

Mental Mechanics provide athletes a huge, and largely untapped, resource for their continued development. Mind’s Eye Sports Performance believes athletes who have worked to develop their physical skills, technical skills and mental skills are Complete Athletes who maximize their potential and reap the full benefits of the sport they love.

Mind’s Eye Sports Performance assesses and develops 5 Mental Mechanics

  • Confidence
  • Mindset
  • Emotions
  • Resilience
  • Drive