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Dr. Pete Temple

Dr. Pete has worked with adolescents for over two decades.  He has been actively involved in sports his entire life as a player at the high school and collegiate level, as a coach, and as an avid supporter of local teams.

Dealing With Injuries

When an athlete gets hurt, we tend to think about the injury and the athlete from a physical perspective – What did they hurt?  How long will the rehab take?  This way of thinking about injury neglects the importance of the mental aspect.

Mind’s Eye Athletes

Mind’s Eye works with athletes at every level.  Whether you are high school athlete, a professional or a weekend warrior…Mind’s Eye can help your game!  click here to see some of the high schools and colleges our athletes attend.


In Playing in the Box, renowned sports psychologist Dr. Pete Temple describes how young athletes can use simple mental exercises to relax, improve, and achieve their goals on and off the field or court.

If you’ve ever struggled in competition, Dr. Temple’s practical approach will help you develop confidence, drive, and resilience, so you can bounce back from setbacks, relax when the game gets tense, and reach your full potential.

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